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The annual HR Awards is a project for sharing and recognising innovative and successful practices implemented at national level (in Bulgaria).

The ideas and objectives of the competition are: publicity and recognition for work-related achievements, for creating HR added value for the organizations: development of HR profession and the HR industry in Bulgaria.

The competition encourages authorship, creative approach to the profession and the development of new, unique products and projects effectively implemented in a specific time range - the year which the particular edition of the contest refers to.

Terms and conditions for participation

1. It is not allowed to participate with one project in more than one collective category.

2. Only BAPM members are allowed to participate in the contest. Nominations and self-nominations are allowed. The anonymity of the (self)nominee is guaranteed. Everybody - members and non-members of BAPM, can make nominations in every category.

3. Jury members or organizations with which members of the jury are in a state of mutual engagement (employment contract, civil contract, contract for a service, etc.) or they have had any kind of commitment to them during the competition year are not allowed to take part in the competition. Other employees of the above mentioned organizations are also not allowed to participate in the contest.

4. The competition's rules do not allow the participation of members of the Management Board of BAPM or organizations with which members of the Board are in a state of mutual engagement (employment contract, civil contracts, contacts for services, etc. ) or they have had such a commitment to them during the competition year. Other employees of the above mentioned organizations are also not allowed to participate in the contest.

5. Only apllications in which the main part of the implementation and the results of the described projects are related to the competition year, are allowed to participate.

Assessment procedure

The evaluation procedure involves 2 stages:

1. Stage 1: Evaluation on the criteria for Regulation relevance

• conducted by the BAPM office. This stage evaluates the compliance of the deadline for sending the application and the compliance of the conditions for preparing the application, described in the application form.

2. Stage 2: Evaluation of applications according to the criteria for the category (for candidates who passed the first stage)

• conducted by the jury based on the application forms and on the meetings/phone interviews with the candidates. The evaluation is based on the established indicators / criteria for each category.

In the application form every candidate describes: his/her achievements (max. 3 standard pages) relevant to the particular category (concrete facts, concrete results, fields of personal satisfaction with the achieved results, opinions of managers/subordinates/colleagues) or the project which is the subject of the application (what the project is about, what kind of activities it includes, when it is developed and implemented, who the participants are, what the concrete results are).

The application forms of all the canidates who have passed successfully the first stage of evaluation and have reached the second one are uploaded on the website of the contest (personal data included in the application forms will be removed before that).

After reviewing the application forms of all the candidates, the jury initiates meetings or phone interviews with them. The aim of the meetings/phone interviews is to give the participants the opportunity to prove the facts they have described in the application form by presenting relevant information. The exact parameters of the meetings/phone interviews - format, date, duration, are determined by the jury and will be synchronized with the candidates in advance. At least 3 of the 7 jury members participate in every meeting/phone interview.

Conducting meetings/phone interviews is a mandatory element of the assessment procedure and in the process of arranging the dates for holding them the availability of both the jury members and the candidates are taken into account. If a candidate refuses to participate in a meeting/phone interview, his/her application drops out of the contest.

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