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Phase 1 - Application

During this phase nominations for the prize in each category will be collected. Each submitted application must contain a standard application form. It is sent to the candidate via email after a nomination via the online form HERE is made.

Period: 5 November - 10 December 2019
Phase 2 - Evaluation on the criteria for Regulation relevance

This phase is conducted by the BAPM office and evaluates the compliance of the deadline for sending the application and the compliance of the conditions for preparing the application, described in the application form.

Period: 11 December - 13 December 2019
• Phase 3 - Evaluation of the applications on the relevant criteria for the category

Conducted by the jury based on the application forms and on the meetings/phone interviews with the candidates. The evaluation is based on the established indicators / criteria for each category. Detailed information about the evaluation procedure is available HERE

Period: 14 December 2019 - 26 January 2020

The winners will be announced during a special ceremony in January 2020.

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